Relais & Chauteaux Hotel in Vaduz-Liechtenstein-Wellness & Business HotelHotel Vaduz, Liechtenstein (Wellness, Spa und Business Hotel) + Relais & Chateaux Hotel next to the Castle Liechtenstein, Vaduz + luxury hotel Switzerland, Austria and Germany
A very warm welcome ...
... to one of the most beautiful places in the world, Europe’s epicenter. A place that has the power to genuinely touch people and maybe even transform them a bit.

What you will experience here with us is passionate, uplifting, and down-to-earth pampering that is full of life. To create something that is honest, genuine, and truly sensual is what has always been important to us.

Something that goes under people’s skin and that makes their eyes light up when talking about it. Something that they will remember for a long time. And mostly it is moments, people, and places that touch us so very deeply.
Our place will enchant you…in many ways …even I have been enchanted, not “only” because it is my home and the home of my parents, but because of a whole lot more.

This place is alive. And this aliveness wants to be explored and experienced.

This our guests can feel - consciously or subconsciously. They sense the uniqueness permeating this magical place after only a very short time, often instantaneously. And by the time they continue their journey, some of our guests realize that they could even imagine staying here.

For me personally, there is hardly a more beautiful moment or a more touching confirmation for what we as hosts want to convey and bring to our guests.

And it is not about the concept we have developed, or tradition, or because our guests say so – but because that’s just the way it is.

This place and our house carry a very subtle energy. An energy we have the great pleasure of enhancing with a dash of charm, a lot of atmosphere, honest warmth, a passionate cuisine, a strong service culture as well as the special attention we put into making all of this come alive for you.

For your delight. For your pleasure. For your personal happiness.

Hubertus Real


29 special rooms and suites are available for you to choose from. Each and every one is unique.
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Not only our eagle's nest ... the Sonnenhof is often described and experienced as a small artistic synthesis.
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The Sonnenhof lies dreamily in the vineyards of Vaduz, hidden behind trees, on the sunny side of the Liechtenstein valley. On the journey here one can only suspect how superb the view of the alpine world through the large valley-facing windows may be.
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One Michelin star, two toques from Gault Millau and numerous awards from gourmet magazines enchant you culinarily into another world.
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The view that you can enjoy from your room and from the restaurant shall bring a smile to your face and warm you on the inside.
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Fill up with energy on one of the most beautiful golf courses of Europe and in the evening let us give you a culinary treat.
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The Sonnenhof is the ideal starting point for a successful weekend - even when you just lean back and take it easy. Your ideal weekend »


Our garden architect Enzo Enea sees the personal depicture of paradise in the garden. And our guests find this here. The heavenly garden »


Pure relaxation. Whether you use our spa or wellness facilities, spend time in our aerie or enjoy yourself in the garden. Our wellness area »

Simply magnificent

A wonderful small beautiful hotel, in a heavenly location, just above Vaduz. The staff is great and really give you the feeling of being at home. The food in Restaurant Marée is just divine; you really feel the attention to detail...

The perfect weekend

It was an incredible weekend. Finally able to relax again with my wife and the children and to enjoy the beautiful little town of Vaduz with its varied cultural life. Thanks to the excellent natural wellness programme offered by the hotel, we could once again experience the beauty of the countryside away from the big city...

Friendly and wonderful food

Super food! Really clean! Really great!!! We were spoilt and the personnel are very attentive and friendly. We felt really comfortable! The choice of room should maybe be agreed with the guests beforehand. Whether modern or traditional...