You can order our Take Away dishes. You can pick it up daily at 11.45 and for dinner at 6.15 pm.

Please preorder your dishes. Telephone number: 004232390202


Mixed Sonnenhof-vegetables-herb salad                18.00
Spicy beef tartar (200g) 29.00
Tuna cubes | Mango | lemongras sauce 26.00
Mini-Bouillabaisse (2.5 dl) 29.00
Daily soup (2.5dl) 13.00
Homemade Ravioli | veal-spinach stuffing (5 pieces) 20.00
Homemade Ravioli | veal-spinach stuffing (8 pieces) 30.00
Colourful vegetable risotto 21.00
Crispy backed chicken fillets | spicy tomato-chili dip 18.00
bread crumbed and fried veal escallop «à la sonnenhof | french fries | cranberries    35.00
Iced chocolate 17.00


Products for direct consumption from our Sonnenhof-Kitchen
Jams jar 2 dl
Chutneys "Valle Dulcis Line"
Cranberries chutney for Wienerschnitzel and wild8,90
Curry-mustard chutney for cold meats and bbq8,90
Root-horseradish chutney for smoked fish and veal8,90
Spicy paprika for spicy food lovers or as spread8,90
Apricot chutney for cheese and goose liver8,90
Figs chutney for cheese and goose liver8,90
Grill sauces (150gr)
Barbecue - the smoky one8,90
Hot Curry - the spirited one8,90
Chimichurri - the argentinian one8,90
Salad sauces "Valle Dulcis Line"
Italian style (sunflower oil and balsamico)8,90
French style8,90
Pasta products (in portion and frozen)
Veal-spinachravioli (5 pcs) incl. sauce and parmesanpro Portion 17.00
Spring rolls - vegetarian (6 pcs)pro Portion 15.00
Various special-bread (in Aluminium foil and frozen)
White breadpro baguette 6.00
Dark breadpro baguette 7.00
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