Life begins on the day you lay out a garden


Life begins on the day you lay out a garden

Over the centuries, the art of garden design has known many fashions and trends worldwide. There is, however, a uniting idea at the heart of all these developments - a garden should be a personal prepresentation of paradise. Wheather back to nature and lush or formally minimalistic, the garden was the crowning glory of the home.

When HUbertus invited me to accompany him towards achieving his vision of the future, my visits revealed to me a Sleeping Beauty hidden behind the thorns. As I allowed the scenery to work on me I got the impression that she was simply waiting to be woken...
Enzo Enea, Landscape Gardener


This rough diamond with its magnificent trees, framed by a fantastic sloping location with wonderful views over the cultivated landscape, the mountain range and the Lichtensteiners pride and joy, Vaduz Castle - the potential offered by nature was limitless. Other major important contributory factors, however, included the energy, the enthusiasm for teamwork and the mutual trust.


The Sonnenhof is a small oasis at the heart of Europe and it is there to provide those looking for peace and quiet and connoisseurs with a place like home »


29 very beautiful rooms and suites. The right match for each mood »


Let yourself be enchanted by our orientally designed Wellness Oasis with a hint of 1001 Nights »

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