We go new ways with our small landscaped artistic synthesis in order to enchant you
The Sonnenhof lies dreamily in the vineyards of Vaduz, hidden behind trees, on the sunny side of the Liechtenstein valley. On the journey here one can only suspect how superb the view of the alpine world through the large valley-facing windows may be. The surprise after checking in is perfect. Every room is extended by a balcony towards the garden (the Sonnenhof-Park is 5'000 sq m in total) and lets the mountain panorama obligingly in.

Somewhat above the town and probably has one of the most beautiful views of Vaduz, the castle and the whole country of Liechtenstein that you can find. You can certainly enjoy this view from a garden, which looks for its equals and in many magazines is described as a dream garden. And it is just that. That's what it wanted to be.

Experience, sense, feel - or simply observe our wonderful garden from the eagle's nest. All those people, who as holiday guests, passers through or business clients are looking for peace and quiet, relaxation and pleasure shall feel comfortable here with us and find that little piece of paradise. Our new park provides a wonderful recreation space and offers a fantastic backdrop, be it for Yoga, outdoor massage or a very private candle-light dinner for two. But always with perhaps the best view of Liechtenstein that one can enjoy.

Our paradise garden invites you to spend days in the open countryside and makes that culinary experience even more unforgettable. Be it a business meal, a party with the family or simply just the two of you being together romantically.


The Sonnenhof is a small oasis at the heart of Europe and it is there to provide those looking for peace and quiet and connoisseurs with a place like home. What has already presented itself outside - namely that feeling to have landed in paradise - finds its continuation inside.

We provide our guests a refreshing diversity of experiences and a very individual and an inimitable touch with our differently designed and furnished rooms and suites. The way in which the rooms are arranged creates that inner feeling of having arrived or of "coming home" whilst simultaneously giving that feeling of freedom that you want to soak up and enjoy on holiday.

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