What you will experience here with us is passionate, uplifting, and down-to-earth pampering that is full of life. To create something that is honest, genuine, and truly sensual is what has always been important to us.

Something that goes under people’s skin and that makes their eyes light up when talking about it. Something that they will remember for a long time. And mostly it is moments, people, and places that touch us so very deeply. Our place will enchant you…in many ways …even I have been enchanted, not “only” because it is my home and the home of my parents, but because of a whole lot more.

This place is alive. And this aliveness wants to be explored and experienced.

This our guests can feel - consciously or subconsciously. They sense the uniqueness permeating this magical place after only a very short time, often instantaneously. And by the time they continue their journey, some of our guests realize that they could even imagine staying here.
For me personally, there is hardly a more beautiful moment or a more touching confirmation for what we as hosts want to convey and bring to our guests.
And it is not about the concept we have developed, or tradition, or because our guests say so – but because that’s just the way it is.
This place and our house carry a very subtle energy. An energy we have the great pleasure of enhancing with a dash of charm, a lot of atmosphere, honest warmth, a passionate cuisine, a strong service culture as well as the special attention we put into making all of this come alive for you.

For your delight. For your pleasure. For your personal happiness.

Hubertus Real

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