The House

Magical Symbiosis Creative, loving and authentic - that's what makes our house a true boutique hotel.

The Real family and their team want to spoil the guests with passion and in an uncomplicated, honest way - in a place that lives and calls out to be experienced.

Hotel Stories

The Principality of Liechtenstein is not the only thing steeped in history. For more than 60 years, the Real family has developed their house into what it is today with great warmth of heart, skill and a very personal approach to their guests. In the early 1960s, Jutta and Emil Real acquired the house from a previous owner who was spiritually oriented. Years before, this person had found this special place of strength above Vaduz and on the edge of the extensive castle forest, with adjacent alpine mountains, and used it for healing treatments. Initially, the Reals ran the house as the Pension Sonnenhof with four employees. They shined the guests’ shoes themselves. They also personally brought the suitcases to the rooms. They were convinced of their concept, and it was also very fun. Accordingly, they soon developed the Sonnenhof into one of the leading hotels in the region.

My Passion

Hubertus Real, son of Jutta and Emil, always wanted to become a chef. After all, he spent most of his childhood in his father’s kitchen. In 1988, he won the gold medal as a young chef at the Professional Olympics in Sydney, Australia. When he joined the company in 1993, he first took over the management of the kitchen. A little later, he managed the entire hotel with the multiple award-winning («Gault Millau», Michelin star) Restaurant Marée. The constant desire to improve the quality of the house led to the redesign of the park by Enzo Enea, one of the most renowned garden architects. With the “Eagle’s Nest” terrace under the treetops and the “Gazebo” in the middle of the park, the extraordinary location in the midst of breathtaking nature – the unique powerhouse – has been renewed. The result is a symbiosis of architecture and nature, which invites you to enjoy being.