The Promise

Personal, familiar flair, professional competence and an environmental awareness of the highest order.

Longevity, sustainability and continuity are the distinguishing characteristics of our house. In our daily activities these can be found in the emphasis we place on well-being and individuality, along with the profound conviction we have in the power of nature. We have a deep respect for the resources we use in our business.

Environmentally aware - and in harmony with nature

Nature and the environment form a singular resource that requires awareness and appreciation. This serves as a defining theme for the entire Sonnenhof team. In terms of energy systems, the Park Hotel Sonnenhof uses a state-of-the-art air-to-water heat pump system that provides both heating and cooling during the year. A modern rooftop photovoltaic system provides the required energy.

Hubertus Real and his team also use sustainability as a benchmark when purchasing the food used in the kitchen. They oppose the overfishing of the world’s oceans, so the fish prepared at the Park Hotel Sonnenhof comes from select aquacultures at home and abroad. From the open sea, only fish from bycatch or certified wild catch is used.

Regional sourcing is also a priority when it comes to meat, vegetables and other ingredients. The Liechtenstein Äulehof, managed by the third generation of the Nigg family, focuses on sustainability and the best quality. They are one of our preferred suppliers. Our cheese is produced by the Bangshof in Ruggell and the honey comes from our busy little bees in the neighbourhood.

The hotel’s garden of spices and herbs provides the freshest ingredients, making for a perfect balance in the preparation of culinary delights.

Membership in Relais & Châteaux corresponds to the philosophy of the house

“We share a passion for beauty and goodness as well as a common understanding of the need for a more humane world. Culinary arts and food culture are cultivated and preserved with joy and emotion in an authentic, meticulous way. With our lived hospitality, we contribute to making a better world for everyone.”