The Team

Our Promise to You
Comfort - Hospitality - Delight


Real Family

What you experience with us, a well-practiced team of mother and son, is something honest; a passionate, positive, uncomplicated and actual pampering. Together with our team we want to influence all your senses, offering you something that goes to your heart and makes you smile when you think about it.


Front Office

A warm welcome, a friendly smile the team at front desk and on the phone is passionate about your very personal well-being in our house.


Room Maids

Almost unnoticed, they manage to prepare your oasis of well-being lovingly and invitingly every day with conscientiousness.


Kitchen Team

With instinct and passion, our experienced kitchen team conjures up unforgettable, culinary indulgence moments from the best ingredients.



Service Team

Committed and open-minded, our service colleagues ensure that you feel completely at ease and that your wishes can be fulfilled.



As a family, we take on all the things with love and passion, that make our house, the Park Hotel Sonnenhof, behind the scenes to what is our desire for you – a place, where being is pure delight.



Become a Host

Making a place of strength, like our hotel, tangible with all senses, is something that we – the whole team of the Park Hotel Sonnenhof – understand as our mission. “Where being is pure delight.” This is what our international guests expect from us and what we offer from our heart. Would you like to become a host with us.