With All Your Senses

Breathtaking feasts for the eyes and the palate. The excellent cuisine of Hubertus Real and his team, marked by great experience, will enchant you with the magic of a special place, true hospitality and profound tastes, from house specialties to favorite dishes.

Enjoying the Very Good

Take in good scents and fine aromas in a feel-good ambience, come to rest and revive the true perception of what you sense. Let your gaze wander over the alpine panorama to the evening lights in the valley. Body, mind and soul unite once again.

Restaurant Marée

The Marée enchants you with its special ambiance whether in the restaurant or in the ‘eagle’s nest’. Here, nature is lovingly combined with the imagination of the kitchen to create culinary compositions.

Lounge & Park

Calm your senses and relax. Listening to the sounds of nature orsubtle chill sound, letting your gaze wander into nature and feeling the wind on your skin this is the real lounge atmosphere for day and night dreamers.


Surrounded by nature experience the joy of simply being pure fulfilled life. This is the perfect location for special occasions in a discreet, breathtaking setting, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Simple Takeaway

What a luxury it would be to take with you the ‘Enjoyment of Being’. The Sonnenhof team fulfills this wish with love and attention to detail, so that you can relax your body, mind and soul even in your own home.