Autumn holds a wide range of offers of the highest level for culture and art fans.

Country Tour

Especially in autumn, this discovery tour by bus, or as a private guided tour in a cab through the small principality, is ideal. In two to three hours you will learn and experience interesting facts about the Princely House, the economy and politics as well as about various worthwhile sights.


Just the thing in autumn: discover the exciting architectural spectrum from the princely palace to the modern parliament building. From architects like Friedrich von Schmidt and Gustav Ritter von Neumann to Hans Hollein, Ricardo Porro and Hansjörg Göritz

On the Trail of Music

Autumn sounds: During the roughly two-hour guided tour, we offer intensive insights into the life and work of the famous Liechtenstein composer and educator Josef Gabriel Rheinberger (1839 – 1901). The highlight of this extraordinary tour is a musical performance on the Josef Gabriel Rheinberger organ in Vaduz Cathedral.

Art at the Highest Level

Autumn colors: The focus of the City Art Tour is art. The center of Vaduz holds an amazing density of outstanding sculptures by international artists and buildings by renowned architects. There are four museums, virtually all next to one another, with art treasures from past epochs, rarities and modern art of the highest level.

More Culture in Autumn?