Chromotherapy and Headaches

Colors have a very special effect on our body and psyche. Each color has a very specific wavelength and thus radiates a different kind of energy.

In the field of alternative medicine there is a holistic form of treatment that deals with the effect of colors on our psyche and soul, as well as on the human organism. This is known as color therapy or chromotherapy.


Cromopuncture (also known as colorpuncture or color light acupuncture), on the other hand, is a holistic form of therapy in which acupuncture points are irradiated with light of a specific color. It is based on a combination of the meridian teachings of traditional Chinese medicine and the use of colored light as a healing agent. No needle is used, and the treatment is painless. This method was developed in the 1970s by the German alternative medicine practitioner Peter Mandel.

The Session

  • Stretching of the muscles with deep breathing and relaxation measures to aid stress reduction
  • Trigger points treatment*
  • Head and neck massage
  • Cromopuncture sequence

* Trigger points are painful localized bulges in the muscles that do not receive sufficient blood supply. They develop, for example, as a result of many years of incorrect posture, trauma (incurred, for example, in an accident), psychological stress or other muscular strain. The pain often radiates to other parts of the body. If the trigger point is located on the shoulder, for example, it can radiate into the head and cause pain there. The points are easily located, and sufferers often feel real “knots” under the skin.



45 min.