Soul Nourishment

Meaningful activity and effective regeneration of one's body are the focus. After busy or stressful days, one longs for rest, relaxation and simply switching off with wonderful aromas and a soothing play of colors. In every form of these nature-oriented therapies, the so-called ``biophilia effect`` is used, which makes people intuitively seek out a natural green environment.

Treatment Options During Your Stay

The treatments are carried out in the Clinicum Alpinum Gaflei (20 minutes away by car, in one of the most modern specialized clinics for the treatment of affective disorders and severe states of exhaustion) or in the surroundings of the Park Hotel Sonnenhof. The entire coordination of appointments, etc. is handled by the reception staff of the Park Hotel Sonnenhof. This guarantees you an exceptionally relaxed stay, organized from a single source.

Forest Immersion

What is forest immersion? A mindful walk in the forest during which you fully immerse yourself in nature.


The unique rituals and treatments according to the Haki philosophy help mentally and physically stressed people to return to balance. Whether in the water or on the massage table with the Haki method, your thoughts take a break.

NADA Acupuncture

This acupuncture treatment reduces general stress and promotes relaxation and anxiety relief, effectively contributing to the restoration of your well-being.

Chromotherapy & Headaches

The two most common types of headaches are tension headaches (most common overall) and migraines.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation is very effective, easy to learn and can be practiced at any time and regardless of location.

Personal Movement Trainer

Move with your personal movement trainer in the castle forest. The trees communicate with our immune system through certain messenger substances.