A winter paradise opens up directly in front of our house with extensive paths and tours for winter hiking or walking. Feel the crunching steps you take in the fresh snow.

One Country, One Path as a Winter Adventure

Hike the Principality on the Liechtenstein Trail. This trail connects all of Liechtenstein’s municipalities over a distance of 75 km and offers a total of 147 historical sites, events and adventure stations. You can arrange your daily stages yourself, just as the winter mood allows. We will take you to the desired starting point and will be happy to pick you up again.

Full Moon Winter Glow

Experience the mystical attraction of the full moon on a very special snowshoe tour.

Winter Idyll of the Schwemmiweg Path

At 1300 meters above sea level, you embark on a magnificent circular hiking trail. Snow hikers appreciate the natural landscape of the idyllic Maiensäss Steg, which you can enjoy on the approximately two-hour hike.

Try Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is something that anyone can do; it’s easy and fun. Experience an entertaining introduction to walking techniques and everything there is to observe and discover amid winter-themed nature.

More Winter Snowshoe Hiking?

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