The unique rituals and treatments according to the Haki philosophy help mentally and physically stressed people to return to balance. Whether in the water or on the massage table with the Haki method, your thoughts take a break.

The Haki® method is a holistic, tailor-made treatment concept for overly cerebral people and unique in its form. The treatment focuses on the shoulder, neck and head areas and has the effect of relieving pressure on these areas. The head begins to let go, allowing the entire body to regain strength. Steeping in the element that makes up about 70% of humans – in concrete terms this means: in water that is exactly 35°C warm.


Stretch & Relax

Well-being starts with the head. Haki Stretch & Relax focuses specifically on the shoulder, neck and head. Guests consciously resonate with targeted traction, pressure and various stretches. In order to ground the body in the best possible way, some work is also done on the feet. The harmony achieved in the nervous and muscular systems leads to significant balance and regeneration.



Alive in the water – during the Haki Flow treatment the body is pulled, stretched, felt and perceived. Here, in addition to shoulders, neck and head, the whole spine and pelvis are stretched and rotated. The therapist guides the body through the soft warm water, one is noticeably extended in length. Easing onto a wave – for all who love water and its healing power.



45 min.


CHF 200