Around the Sonnenhof lies a natural paradise with more than 75 km of hiking and fixed-rope routes and walking trails for every taste. Whether you want to stroll through cool summer forests or climb to nearby peaks in exciting anticipation - unique experiences amidst a breathtaking panorama await you.

The Mythic Fürstensteig

As an experienced tour guide, host Hubertus Real will take you to the heights of the Fürstensteig and the Three Sisters. After the third bend you will meet an extraordinary rock formation that combines the power and strength of this unique place. You will experience truly princely moments, especially in summer – powerful, mighty and mystical.

This tour is something for hikers who are sure-footed and free from vertigo.

The Alpspitz is Calling

An alpine path swings up in loops through a pasture slope to the Bärgälla-Alp and Bärgälla-Sattel. Here, your gaze sweeps over the warm summer panorama of the Liechtenstein Alps with valleys and peaks. Amid pine forests, the path leads up to Liechtenstein’s geographical center, the Alpspitz with the oldest summit cross in Liechtenstein. A breathtaking view awaits you.

Princess Gina Trail

Experience one of the most beautiful circular mountain hiking trails in the area and immerse yourself in the warmth of summer. You will hike on a ridge from Malbun over the Nenzinger Himmel to the summit cross of the Augstenberg. You will be rewarded with a unique panoramic view from the Falknis chain to the Schesaplanastock.

Splendid Schönberg

This pleasing hike at altitude takes you through a sea of summer blossoms in the midst of the Liechtenstein Alps. The beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and the less arduous ascent make the Schönberg a favorite hiking destination.

One Country, One Path

You can experience the Principality on the Liechtenstein Trail. This 75 km trail connects all of Liechtenstein’s municipalities and features a total of 147 historical sites, events and adventure stations. You can arrange your daily stages yourself, just as the summer mood allows. We will take you to the desired starting point and will be happy to pick you up again.

Herbal hike

The varied herb hike leads, depending on the tour, along the wonderful Liechtenstein Weg from Triesen to Masescha.

More Hiking in Summer?

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